Learn about each individual hole from our PRESTIGIOUS course.

About the Architect

Graham Cooke designed, The Lakes Golf Club at Ben Eoin is a world-class, five-star golf course. Golfers at all levels will enjoy the layout of The Lakes, where Cooke has created a course that will excite and challenge the competitive player, while offering ease of play and generous landing areas for the more recreational golfer. The course is constructed on a three plateaus. The maximum elevation of 150-feet above sea level provides beautiful vistas of the rolling hills and waters of the Bras d’Or Lakes.

Front 9

HOLE 1 (PAR 5)

This modest length opening Par 5 meanders gently uphill from tee to green. The deceivingly wide landing area off the tee allows players to work the ball either way. Be sure to choose your club wisely on your approach as this narrow green has three pinning sections and is 40 yards deep.

HOLE 2 (PAR 4)

This gentle dogleg right Par 4 plays with the prevailing winds making it play shorter than its yardage. A brook that dissects the fairway short of the green will gather anything short and left on your approach. The relatively flat green will allow players to make some putts.

HOLE 3 (PAR 5)

This long Par 5 turns back into the prevailing winds with the final 110 yards being steeply uphill. Unreachable in two for most players, this three shot hole requires a careful approach as the narrow green is situated between a rock outcropping on the left, bunker on the right, and a steep false front.

HOLE 4 (PAR 3)

After a steep climb to the 4th tee, the golfer will be rewarded by the first of many panoramic views of the Bras D’Or Lakes and surrounding hills at The Lakes. Gather yourself as the first of five Par 3’s is not long, but anything left will plummet down a steep embankment. Quality shots are rewarded with an inviting green and chipping area.

HOLE 5 (PAR 4)

The first of back-to-back front nine signature holes at The Lakes, this difficult Par 4 will test even the best golfers. A long tee shot negotiating a steeply sloping fairway from right to left is required to allow for a shorter approach shot into this well guarded green. A deep brook winds around the right side of the green and across the approach to gobble up anything short. Missing long is your only out as deep greenside bunkers guard the left of the green.

HOLE 6 (PAR 4)

Arguably the most memorable hole for our members and guests, the sixth hole is a drivable Par 4 from an elevated tee over150 feet above the fairway level. The teeing ground offers some of the best views in Cape Breton and the excitement of watching your tee shot launch against that backdrop is awe-inspiring. The fairway is split by a series of large bunkers and the green is well guarded to provide some defense on this birdie (or eagle) opportunity.

HOLE 7 (PAR 4)

The second of back-to-back driveable Par 4’s for the long hitters offers considerable risk when choosing your shot. Any tee shot left or through the fairway will come to rest in thick fescue grasses that will make par difficult. Most players should play to the wide part of the fairway setting up a short approach to this small green.

HOLE 8 (PAR 3)

This Par 3 plays back into the prevailing winds making it play longer than its moderate length on the scorecard. The pond and bunker features give the illusion of it being shorter so choose your club wisely. Any shot on this small green will give the player a good opportunity to make birdie..

HOLE 9 (PAR 4)

Playing into the prevailing winds and with a lateral hazard running down the left from tee to green, the final hole on the front nine has teeth. The approach into this undulating green should favour short to take advantage of a large chipping area. The challenging green will have some players shaking their heads on the walk to the 10th tee.

Back 9

HOLE 10 (PAR 5)

This long Par 5 has ample room off the tee but that is where the real fun starts. A brook dissects the fairway at a difficult yardage for most players. A decision of whether to layup short of the brook in a wider section of the fairway but leaving a long approach or to attempt to carry the brook and land in a narrow section of the fairway leaving a short approach looms. A gently sloping green awaits to finish off this strong back nine starting hole.

HOLE 11 (PAR 3)

The first of three Par 3’s on the back nine, the 11th hole boasts a large kidney shape green guarded on the left by a large bunker allowing for some difficult pin positions. Favour the right side on your approach and remember to hit your putts solid as the green slopes from back to front.

HOLE 12 (PAR 4)

A solid Par 4, the 12th hole plays into the prevailing winds and runs gently uphill to the green. A carefully played approach to a small narrow green would be ideal. Par is always a good score here.

HOLE 13 (PAR 4)

This shorter par 4 has a tight landing area off the tee but if you can find the fairway, birdie chances abound. A short approach to a small green completes this downwind hole.

HOLE 14 (PAR 4)

A well placed tee shot short of the brook that zigzags across the fairway will set up a short approach to a small raised green that runs away from the player. Take enough club to fly it all the way as there is a steep bank in front of the green.

HOLE 15 (PAR 3)

The first hole of an exciting Par 3/5/3/5 finish at The Lakes that lends itself to lead changes and drama. The longest of the Par 3’s has a very large green that is much wider than it is deep. A massive bunker guards the middle and right portions of the green.

HOLE 16 (PAR 5)

This uphill Par 5 is reachable for the long hitter. Players must drive the ball between two brooks that divide the fairway. Most players’ second shots should cross the second brook to find a generous fairway to play the uphill approach to a small, undulating green

HOLE 17 (PAR 3)

A truly great short Par 3. With five tees of not only varying distances but also setting up different angles into this well guarded green. The highest elevation of the back nine also gives way to beautiful vistas. While standing on the 17th green, your vantage point includes views of #16 green, #12 & #18 tee, #11 green, and the approach and green on #10 along with a panoramic view of Bras D’Or Lakes and the MacPhee Islands in the distance.

HOLE 18 (PAR 5)

This 525 yard, downhill Par 5 can be pivotal to the outcome of your round. Eagles abound – but make a mistake left and a large number can be made. An exciting finish to an enjoyable round of golf. Be sure to take an extra moment to appreciate the one last view of the beautiful Bras d’or Lake one last time from the tee deck before teeing off.